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Falcon Capital Advisors helps organizations across industries envision, develop, and execute dynamic business strategies that account for an evolving regulatory landscape.

Our experts understand the opportunities and risks within our clients’ industries. As firms must adjust their strategic business plans, processes, products, and services regularly, we provide tailored business process realignment strategies and innovative product development solutions to achieve maximum efficiency and utility.

Strategic Relationship Management

We are experienced and adept at helping businesses think strategically about building their brand reputation in the Washington policy-making community. Businesses need to make sure that relevant policymakers don’t just understand them, but view them in a positive light. This is a smart way to build goodwill and trust for the day your business needs a regulatory approval or other assistance from the government. 


Our proven approach incorporates the following points:

This is essential brand building in the policy arena, it is not issue advocacy. We can help you do it right.  

C-Suite Strategy Assessment

As regulators and shareholders place greater scrutiny on the performance of corporate boards, board members must make strategic use of outside independent experts for assistance in fulfilling their responsibilities. Falcon Capital Advisors has the experience and reputation required to provide corporate boards with analysis of technical and strategic business matters.


Implementation Assessment. Corporate boards must identify gaps and demonstrate diligence in carrying out their oversight responsibilities. We help our clients assess and fully document the firm’s implementation of key corporate initiatives, including:

  • Guiding Principles

  • Best Practices Updates

  • Regulatory Compliance Plans

  • Risk Mitigation Plans

  • Corrective Action Plans

  • Implementation and Public Roll-Out Strategy

Sensitive Internal Reviews. A business’s internal viability is key its smooth operation. Our internal review will assess internal corporate matters and include a recommended course of corrective action to address regulatory concerns and minimize business disruptions.

Corporate Policy and Procedure Development. Falcon Capital Advisors assists with the drafting and review of corporate policies and procedures that govern corporate conduct and meet best practices.

Business Unit Strategy 

Our business unit strategy services focus on devising a unique, clear-cut plan for expanding a business’s operational and economic potential, especially in the face of constant change. Our passion for developing transformative goals and helping executives realize a strategic vision is unyielding.


At Falcon Capital Advisors, we back our service with deep sector knowledge and years of experience with shaping effective corporate and business unit strategies.

Industry Trend & Opportunity Analysis

Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with in-depth industry and regulatory expertise, enables us to formulate actionable, practical strategies that create measurable long-term value for an organization. We utilize our considerable knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the well-thought-out analysis that management and business units need to make informed decisions.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

Centered in the heart of Washington, D.C., Falcon Capital Advisors lives and breathes regulation. Amidst constant policy changes and regulatory adjustments, developing a secure, robust, and clear business plan can be difficult. By leveraging the experience of industry veterans, we provide information on the short-term and long-term impacts of regulation for our clients. We are constantly assessing the positive and negative, as well as intended and unintended effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. By identifying regulatory risks and assessing the impact of proposed regulations, we help our clients deal effectively with the many challenges that can arise in the field of regulation and government policy.

Strategic Advisory

Falcon Capital Advisors provides strategic advice on market and policy developments by identifying and assessing risks and opportunities associated with proposed regulations. We assist in developing and implementing plans for an organization and its business units to achieve regulatory approval and maintain regulatory compliance. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Weekly analysis on policy and regulatory findings and trends

  • Impact analysis of current political and regulatory issues and reforms

  • Strategic advice on market and policy developments and opportunities

  • Short-Term & Long-Term Planning and Strategy Development

  • Assist clients in addressing market opportunities and risk

  • Identify market opportunities consistent with corporate growth strategies

  • Identify risks and assess the impact of proposed regulations on client’s business model

  • Develop and implement a plan to achieve regulatory approval and maintain regulatory compliance

  • Develop compliance-related materials and corporate presentations

  • Draft whitepapers and member alerts

  • Develop leadership workshops

Digitalization Readiness

We understand the critical role that digital structures play in today’s business environment. In a world permeated by big data and digital networks, industry leaders are those who harness technology to offer an array of cutting-edge, digitally enabled services and features. For financial institutions and government organizations, these new offerings and enhancements are driving performance standards higher.


Enabling Digital Transformation. Falcon Capital Advisors will work diligently to assess your business’s digital readiness and best practices to ensure you’re achieving optimization potential. Our justification process will give you added insight into the advantages of adopting transformative procedures like this one.

Financial Strategy

Falcon Capital Advisors’ Financial Advisory team is comprised of accounting and finance professionals that provide a diverse and comprehensive array of services to our clients to meet the demands of today’s transaction environment. Our clients benefit from our independence, practical advice, and innovative solutions rooted in deep industry and capital markets experience.