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  • Robert Irby

Robert Irby

Senior Consultant

Robert Irby brings over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to Falcon Capital Advisors, with a proven history in analyzing risk primarily in mortgage lending services. Immediately prior to joining Falcon, Robert was the Underwriting Manager and Project Team Lead at the consulting firm, The Oakleaf Group, where he led multiple projects including a large forensic loan review team in supporting the testifying case expert as well as acting as the Quality Assurance Manager across multiple on-going projects. Prior to that Robert served as a Manager of Quality Control at Freddie Mac where he managed the repurchase review process from the initial review through the impasse process in the evaluation of loans sold to Freddie Mac. Previously, Robert, was an officer for both Chevy Chase Bank and Countrywide. Robert attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. In addition, Robert is a Trustee on the Sallie Barnes Scholarship Committee. Robert lives in Rockville, Maryland with his wife and two dogs.