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Organizations need an integrated, systematic approach to implementing changes and best practices that foster efficiency, quality productivity, and effective risk management. Big, complex business transformation, infrastructure and IT programs promise a lot of value – but often fail to deliver. To be successful in executing change, companies need to tailor and control the end-to-end processes and various critical implementation components to create value.

Program Implementation and Improvement

Critical strategies and new programs often fall short of expectations due to a failure in implementation. A Program Manager must learn to overcome the limiting factors and administrative setbacks that keep strategic ambition from realization.


Falcon Capital Advisors’ Program Implementation and Improvement practice will translate upper management’s strategies from fragmented tasks and highly regimented project plans into dynamic and clearly defined goals. Carefully designed training programs will ensure that those downstream understand management’s strategic ambition and learn to implement without reliance on rigid administrative procedures. Our practice ensures that management’s new programs build organizational capabilities and generate a real impact on organizational growth.


With a clear direction and goal in place, we develop a holistic plan which tackles project implementation through a six-phased approach:

Cost Rationalization, Optimization, and Containment

We recognize the short-term and long-term challenges that businesses face in trying to achieve cost reduction and maintain cost reduction programs. Unfortunately, pure cost cutting is no longer a standalone solution.


Falcon Capital Advisors goes a step further to provide our clients with strategic cost-saving initiatives and optimization techniques that free up capital for business innovation. Our cost rationalization, optimization, and containment methodologies implement long term strategies that are unique to our clients’ business goals.

PMO & Change Management

A Change Management Program is about reaping the benefits of change. It will enable its various constituencies to succeed through the devising of clear and transparent change initiatives, generating organizational buy-in, implementing change as seamlessly as possible, and generating repeatable models to ensure continued success.

Falcon Capital Advisors offers capabilities, proven tools, training strategies, and methods to help our clients plan and execute programs of change. We focus on change strategy and enabling change – facilitating the adoption of new behaviors and mindsets by individuals and teams. We help our clients turn large, complex programs into smaller, manageable components that can be more easily transformed and integrated.

Quality Management

At Falcon Capital Advisors, we realize the growth of your business is dependent upon the success of your business transformation or new program initiatives. Successful delivery requires consistent oversight, strong risk and control structures, and expert governance.

Falcon Capital Advisors’ Quality Management program consists of a Quality Control System that ensures project performance meets or exceeds requirements and expectations. Our approach comprises repeatable processes, project planning, and tracking tools for following progress to completion and establishing metrics in areas critical to success, while we continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our services. Our performance ratings and successful client retention and continuity are the result of our focus on maintaining the highest level of quality control.

System Justification

Falcon Capital Advisors utilizes a thorough and adaptable justification procedure to give management the insight needed to confidently develop and modify new or existing project initiatives. Our experts possess years of experience in strategic analysis, governance, and risk control. That experience is brought to each stage of the justification process, from the defining of program needs to the preparation of justification documents themselves:

Design and Strategy

Budget modifications, an administration’s goals, and legislative analysis must be understood on every level of an organization before a significantly impactful and adaptable strategy can be developed. At Falcon Capital Advisors, our experts possess years of experience working as leaders within the government organizations and financial companies we serve. We understand the opportunities and risks within and outside our clients’ organizations, allowing us to provide tailored business process realignment strategies and innovative management solutions.