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Falcon Capital Advisors leverages a team of mortgage market industry specialists with expertise spanning the full spectrum of mortgage lending activity in both the primary and secondary markets.

The Falcon Capital Advisors team is comprised of industry leaders who have held key leadership roles at federal regulatory agencies administering government housing finance policy and at financial companies originating and servicing mortgages, developing and structuring mortgage products, managing loan platforms, and performing risk management and quality control functions. We’ve applied our expertise to projects on behalf of government mortgage programs, including the FHA, USDA, Federal Home Loan Bank System, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac; and have provided strategic and technical services to mortgage originators, servicers, broker-dealers, MBS issuers, asset managers, mortgage insurance companies, investment banks, and commercial banks.  Falcon Capital Advisors is also a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and an advisor to the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG).

Mortgage Origination and Servicing

We are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of services to the mortgage banking and lending community. Our deep experience in originating, selling and servicing forward and reverse mortgage loans provides our clients with solutions and business opportunities to address existing challenges and develop strategies to expand their business. 

Falcon Capital Advisors is active in all areas of Origination and Servicing. Our clients include mortgage lenders, banks, mortgage insurance companies, REIT’s, mortgage servicers, and technology companies. Since our company’s founding, we have helped clients in the following areas:

  • Mortgage Origination and Servicing Strategy

  • Whole Loan and Securities Portfolio Strategy, Execution and Valuation

  • Guidance on the Dodd-Frank Act’s impact on Origination and Servicing

  • Current actions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its impact on Origination and Servicing

  • Reverse Mortgage Market Opportunities

  • Credit Risk Analytics and Active Portfolio Management

  • Asset Dispositions

  • Working with the GSE’s on selling and managing repurchase requests and self-identified audit issues

  • Mitigation of claim denials from Mortgage Insurance Companies

  • Process for self-reporting to GSE’s and government agencies

  • Reverse Mortgage Market Opportunities

  • Origination and Credit Underwriting Program Review

  • Credit File Administration Documentation

  • Organization of Origination Files and Underwriting Guidelines

  • The Acquisition of Mortgage Servicing Rights through bulk sales or co-issue arrangements

  • Servicing Operations Review and Assessment

  • Securitization Transaction Analysis and Due Diligence Reviews

  • Mortgage Compliance

  • Fair Lending Investigations

  • Analysis of Underwriting files to Test for Discriminatory Practices

  • Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act (RESPA) Compliance Surveys and Analysis

  • Analysis of Third-Party Service Provider Services

  • Foreclosure and Loss Mitigation Reviews

  • Evaluation of Foreclosure Processes, Including Procedures, Timelines, Documents, and Technology

  • Document Evaluation and File Analysis

  • Risk Assessments for Regulatory and Internal Policy Compliance and Management

  • Evaluation of Risk Management, Compliance, and Board Oversight Programs

Mortgage Conduit Operations

Our Mortgage Conduit Operations and Capital Markets practice focuses on the challenges and opportunities for regulated and non-regulated mortgage conduits. We know how to manage operations from people, process to systems and technology, and how existing and proposed conduits can bring their business operations into compliance with new regulations and provide liquidity in the capital markets. Falcon Capital Advisors is made up of former Regulators and bank and Conduit professionals from the highest levels, and provides a deep knowledge of both sides of these challenges. We help clients understand a regulator’s view of their operations while balancing the need for profitability and return on investment.


  • GSE Approvals

  • Regulatory Compliance with CFPB, SEC, FHFA

  • Counterparty and third-party risk operations and oversight

  • Vendor Management review and compliance

  • Policy Risk

  • REIT issues and statutory risks

  • Analysis of Client Pricing Agreements and Documentation

  • Regulatory Enforcement Preparation and Remediation

  • Independent Monitor on Regulatory Investigations and Remediation

  • Preparation for Regulatory Examination

  • Assessment of First, Second, and Third Lines of Defense and review of business controls.

  • Review and Assessment of Regulatory Matters Requiring Attention (MRAs) and Matters Requiring Immediate Attention (MRIAs)

  • Compliance and Audit Reviews     

Government Mortgage Programs

​​Operating a profitable government business requires a deep knowledge of the risk associated with approvals and compliance in originating through servicing single family loans and multifamily government programs. Few firms exist that possess our level of mortgage expertise and knowledge. This means our insight into the operations of government mortgage programs and mortgage market firms is unmatched.

  • FHA - Guidance throughout life cycle

    • Single and Multifamily Programs

    • Single family guidebook experts

    • REO Sales and purchases advisors

    • DASP – Distressed Loan Sales

    • Approval Review

    • Claims Process

    • FHA audit readiness reviews

    • Assist with recommendations for vendor selection 

  • Ginnie Mae

    • Issuer approvals

    • Serving approval

    • Performance and financial audits

    • Assist in PIP program approvals

  • HECM

    • Origination

    • Servicing

    • Ginnie Mae approvals

    • FHA audit readiness reviews

  • Veteran

    • Loan programs

    • Special servicing

    • Understand the risk difference from FHA

  • RHS

    • Single family guidebook on both the direct and guarantee programs

    • Servicing approvals

    • Understand the risk difference from FHA

Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs)

Our expertise in the GSEs was developed over many years serving as:

  • Senior executives in the GSEs

  • Senior Managers at the GSEs’ primary regulator

  • Mortgage banking executives responsible for administering GSE loan programs

  • Consultants to the GSEs on various operational and strategic projects


Our professionals can serve the needs of all mortgage market firms that participate in the GSE’s programs. For example, we have helped the following types of firms obtain initial approvals to participate in the GSE loan programs and help them to improve their performance:​

  • Originators (Banks and Non-Banks)

  • Loan Servicers

  • Mortgage Insurance Companies

  • Credit Risk Transfer Counterparties

  • REO Asset Managers

  • Loan Fulfillment Firms

  • Investors


Some examples of the services we have provided to clients on GSE matters includes assistance with:

  • Application process to become an authorized GSE Seller/Servicer

  • GSE Counterparty Audit Preparation

  • Repurchase Requests

  • Non-Performing Loan (NPL) sales

  • REO Asset Management and Disposition

  • Credit Risk Transfer transactions

  • Servicing Transfers

  • FHLB Membership approvals

  • FHLB MPF and MPP Program participation