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Our clients benefit from our independence, practical advice, and innovative solutions rooted in deep industry and capital market experience.  

Falcon Capital Advisors has CPAs and former finance executives with decades of experience assisting clients with the creation and refinement of existing control environment and processes that mitigate specific risks. We work closely with management to bolster corporate governance, provide proper guidance, and resolve control weaknesses.


Our accounting and finance professionals provide a diverse and comprehensive services to our clients that meet the demands of today’s transaction environment. 

Internal Control

As the regulatory environment continues to evolve, the need for better and improved control structure becomes ever more imperative. While organizations generally become more control-conscious, there continue to be gaps that need to be addressed through design, testing and documentation.

In addition, a timely review of the existing processes and controls can help ensure the design continues to address an organization’s evolving needs and risks and ensure its efficiency and effectiveness. Most leading companies perform an annual review of their controls and processes across the financial, operational, and compliance areas to ensure that they are working adequately.

Our professionals have decades of internal controls experience working with companies in financial services industries and government agencies. The powerful combination of internal controls experience combined with industry knowledge allows us to effectively identify, mitigate, and remove financial reporting issues, fraud, and other underlying risks in a controlled environment.

Fraud Prevention and Forensic Investigation

Crimes committed against businesses, especially internal fraud, are growing in frequency.  It is an issue that every organization, large or small, needs to address. The impact of business crime can include major financial loss, compliance and regulatory violations and even criminal proceedings. In addition to fraud and crime, organizations can also face disputes and negligence claims. These areas are better tackled by experts with experience and qualifications.

Our fraud prevention experts work with clients to design and implement policies and procedures to establish a control environment that mitigates the risk of fraud and minimizes the financial loss. Our fraud investigation and forensic accounting professionals are involved in many aspects of civil and criminal cases. They utilize accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to assist prosecutors and attorneys in quantifying losses. Our forensic accounting team looks beyond the numbers, deals with the reality of business, and delivers highly independent opinions in clear terms.

Internal Audit & Assurance

As companies continue to manage risk and uncertainty, they have come to accept market volatility and complexity along with political and regulatory change. Sometimes in this context of greater risk, many internal audit functions do not keep pace with the changes.

We utilize our proven methodologies and best practices to support our clients who face internal audit challenges. We work with our clients to adopt a risk-based audit approach that takes into account the priorities of various key audit stakeholders.

More specifically, we help our clients establish internal audit functions, develop methodologies and manuals, perform risk assessments, and develop audit plans and programs.

Technical Accounting Compliance

A globalized economy has spurred an increase in business environment and transaction complexity. Accounting standards continue to evolve while regulating agencies place greater demand on businesses for tax and accounting transparency. These challenges have increased the burden on accounting, finance, and tax structures.

We possess the technical accounting and financial expertise to improve your accounting and finance functions to create streamlined reporting processes that meet the increasingly rigorous compliance standards and to help write and interpret technical accounting issues. Our services will help you achieve timely and accurate financial reporting, thus allowing you to focus on the core business activities – from strategic planning to quality control – that move your business forward.

Due Diligence

In an ever growing competitive landscape, small and large companies are seeking the best route forward in their growth strategies. For many, this means a renewed interest in merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. A professionally executed due diligence process can provide the executives with the timely and accurate intelligence that is necessary to mitigate potential organizational, reputational, and financial risks, regardless of the size of the organization and the transaction.

Going beyond the numbers, our due diligence professionals meet with a company’s financial and non-financial management to understand the larger context of the business, identify potential problems or areas that may impact the investment thesis. They look at the financial implications of findings, analyze projections, and help structure a deal that optimizes accounting, tax, and risk implications.


Working with operations and IT due diligence teams, our due diligence team also ensures communication among stakeholders and a smooth transition and integration should the transaction be completed.

Transaction Services

In addition to due diligence, our Transaction Services team help dynamic companies navigate complex transactions, whether buying or selling, restructuring or providing integration solutions. With industry expertise, speed and agility, our senior level professionals can assist with deal strategy, valuation, performance improvement potential, and the eventual integration and/or divesture of a business.

Every transaction is unique - our goal is to help you create value, manage risk, and seize opportunities to unlock your potential for growth. Delivering focused, customized, and value-adding service begins with listening and understanding the needs of each client and tailoring the scope of our work to the specific circumstances. We concentrate on our client’s strategic objectives, negotiation, and savings opportunities and scale our services directly to our client’s needs.