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Falcon Capital Advisors’ Operations practice helps clients maximize operational efficiency, effectively implement their business strategy, mitigate operational risks, and prepare for growth.

We utilize our deep understanding of financial services business models, economics, and both domestic and international regulation to help financial institutions and government agencies achieve peak performance.

Business Transformation

In a competitive environment, businesses must leverage technology, data, and expertise to organize their operations and fulfill transformational goals. To enable this transformation and ensure lasting success, Falcon Capital Advisors identifies and mitigates the operational, financial, and counterparty risks to our clients while optimizing costs. The result is improved cashflow, greater organizational synergy and risk control. Some of the processes we use to improve our clients’ business performance are listed below:

  • Organization Capability Assessment

  • Operations Assessment

  • Process Analysis & Reengineering

  • Future State Mapping

  • Mission, Vision, and Business Case Development

  • Business Model Review

  • Performance Assessment: comparative and trend analyses, performance benchmarks and metrics, key performance indicators, performance scorecards and dashboards

  • Industry Best Practices Assessment

  • Comparative Market Data and Trend Analyses

  • Regulatory and Contract Compliance

  • Data Systems Review and Digitization Readiness

  • Quality Assurance and Internal Controls Assessment

  • On-site Review/Audit: Falcon Capital Advisors has established a robust framework to effectively review an organization’s corporate structure, operations, counterparty management, quality control, risk management, reporting compliance, and IT systems

Cost Rationalization, Optimization, and Containment

We recognize the short-term and long-term challenges that businesses face in trying to achieve cost reduction and maintain cost reduction programs. Unfortunately, pure cost cutting is no longer a standalone solution.


Falcon Capital Advisors goes a step further to provide our clients with strategic cost-saving initiatives and optimization techniques that free up capital for business innovation. Our cost rationalization, optimization, and containment methodologies implement long term strategies that are unique to our clients’ business goals.

Business Case Development

Business cases are essential for initiating transformation. They provide the framework for organizational change by informing management about new initiatives and project or program goals. Implementing our proven business case strategies will help you identify organizational constraints and make sound and informed resource investments.


We take a dynamic approach to implementation – helping our clients to avoid the failures in strategy or project execution that impact growth opportunities and negatively affect performance. Our business performance experts take the necessary steps to translate business strategies for our clients’ workforce to ensure actual implementation meets management’s expectations. We ensure project implementation will hold up to the internal and external forces that constantly stress the implementation landscape, from employee turnover to regulatory changes. Through the development of best practice updates, regulatory compliance plans and risk mitigation plans, we ensure the new changes take root so that long-run results are achieved.