Best Practices Assessment & Performance Benchmarking

To achieve performance goals and remain competitive in the global marketplace, firms must have efficient and effective best practices and performance metrics.  Falcon Capital Advisors conducts performance, processes, and compliance assessments, in addition to in-depth data analysis and peer-to-peer benchmarking to ensure best practices.  Falcon Capital Advisors also develops oversight and internal control strategies to mitigate risks and enable maximum performance and operational functionality. 


FCA Core Best Practices Assessment and Performance Benchmarking Services

  • Program Audit and Best Practices Assessment
  • Best Execution Evaluation 
  • Data Analytics - Data and Trend Analysis
  • Economic and Impact Analysis
  • Peer-to-Peer Benchmarking
  • Program Administration and Oversight
  • Compliance and Monitoring
  • Market and Public Policy Evaluations


Recent Client Engagement

FCA was selected by the Federal Housing Administration to oversee the operations of its national Real Estate Owned disposition program.  In this effort, FCA has undertaken benchmark development, operations assessment, compliance reviews, best practices evaluation and program assessment, all toward the goal of enhancing program integrity and value to the taxpayer.