Corporate Board Services

As regulators and shareholders are placing greater scrutiny on the performance of corporate boards, board members at times need to make strategic use of outside independent experts for assistance in fulfilling their responsibilities. Falcon Capital Advisors has the experience and reputation required to provide corporate boards with analysis of technical and strategic business matters. 


FCA Core Corporate Board Services

  • Implementation Assessment:  FCA will assess and fully document the adequacy of the firm's implementation of key corporate initiatives, including: best practices updates, regulatory compliance plans, and risk mitigation plans. This assessment provides the Board and senior management with independent validation that key initiatives have been fully implemented.  It also identifies gaps and demonstrates the Board's diligence in carrying out its oversight responsibilities. 
  • Sensitive Internal Reviews: FCA performs as assessment of internal corporate matters, which may be time or publicly-sensitive in nature, and possibly involve personnel misconduct.  Our review may include a recommended course of corrective actions to address regulatory concerns and minimize disruptions to the business.  
  • Corporate Policy and Procedure Development: FCA assists with the drafting and review of corporate policies and procedures that govern corporate conduct and meet best practices. 


Recent Client Engagement

The Board of Directors of a large financial institution engaged FCA to evaluate the implementation of a best practices action plan.  FCA presented the Board with a fully documented report that verified proper implementation and identified matters requiring further action.