International Services

Armando Falcon has been informally advising Asian policymakers for years on how to develop the country’s mortgage market, building personal relationships and trust. That investment of time provides Falcon Capital Advisors with a clear understanding of policymakers’ goals, which in turn permits us to identify opportunities that are consistent with and further those goals. This combination of policy objectives and mortgage market expertise permits us to identify voids in the market that can be filled profitability with government encouragement and support. The housing sector is an ideal sector to apply this strategy since housing issues get universally strong government support. In addition, Armando Falcon’s reputation as a former secondary mortgage market regulator gives him credibility that others do not have.


Falcon Capital Advisors assists foreign governments in developing their primary and secondary mortgage markets in a safe and sound manner. As foreign governments continue to build their domestic housing finance systems, they are appropriately cautious to avoid repeating the recent problems of the US mortgage market. We provide the experience and expertise necessary to build a mortgage market that guards against excessive risk, yet is robust enough to broadly support affordable mortgages for all responsible homeowners.


We conduct assessments of the current mortgage market and identify the gaps in the government’s existing housing finance infrastructure. Together with the government’s policymakers, we develop a strategy for introducing the missing elements, including legal and regulatory modifications, service providers, and key technological support. The key to success is to build a mortgage market that is tailored to each country’s unique blend of customs, legal traditions, culture, and consumer preferences.


Falcon Capital Advisors identifies primary and secondary mortgage market business opportunities in established and emerging markets, and partners with investors to establish business ventures best positioned to profit from strategic opportunities. Currently, we have a mortgage project underway in China and are exploring other opportunities in Asia.